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Make Life Matter with Angela Donadio

Jul 13, 2022

While the Make Life Matter podcast is on a summer break, enjoy this repost of one of my favorite episodes!

Manouchka Charles is a speaker, worship leader and Pastor who is passionate to share the word of God with people of all ages and backgrounds. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Manouchka is now a part of the Pastoral Staff at VOUS Church in Miami, FL, reaching the culture by “valuing what God values.” Thriving as a single woman in ministry, this community has made her faith and leadership grow as well as push her to who God has called her to be. In 2018, Manouchka was involved in a horrific car accident that put her life at risk. Faith, and those around her, helped Manouchka get through this difficult season of her life. Through her testimony, she is an encouragement and a great impact to the lives of people around the world.