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Make Life Matter with Angela Donadio

Jul 27, 2022

While the Make Life Matter podcast is on a summer break, enjoy this repost of one of my favorite episodes!

Dr. Steve Greene is Charisma Media Group's publisher and executive vice president. After receiving his Ph.D. in marketing, Dr. Greene worked for various large corporations and owned several businesses. Previously, he served as dean of the College of Business and as professor of marketing at Oral Roberts University. Dr. Greene founded Bixby Community Church and served as senior pastor for ten years. In 2015, Dr. Greene started the Charisma Podcast Network (CPN) with 5 shows. As of January 2021, CPN hosts 194 shows and has had over 52 million downloads. His show “Greenelines” averages 400K downloads monthly. Dr. Greene has been married to Anette for forty-seven years. They have two children and three grandchildren.